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Second dog in the same run is half price

Petite (4x6) $24.50/day
Recommended for toy/small dogs
Medium (4x10) $26.50/day
Recommended for dogs 30-50 pounds
Large (5x10) $29.50/day
Recommended for dogs 50-100 pounds
Extra Large (6x8) $36.50/day
Recommended for dogs 100 pounds & over.
The Extra Large run is also a good choice for the elderly dog who requires a serene setting. These runs are in a separate area of the kennel where calm and quiet are the order of the day.

Our runs are designed for your dog's comfort and privacy. All runs are located indoors under air conditioning/radiant heat We take great pride in the fact that all runs are safe, sanitary and impeccably clean for the health of your pet. We offer lots of head pats & lovin' at no extra charge! Dogs are taken out 4 times each day to stretch their legs.

At Mesilla Valley Pet Resort we want you to provide your dogs food so that we do not change their diets. This is one of the major stress factors we wish to avoid for your pet. Please feel free to bring any special treats or chew toys too!

Play Time $4 (15 minutes/day)
For animals which are not spayed or neutered.
Day Care $14 - full day w/board
$7 - half day w/board
Spayed/neutered animals only. Price is in addition to daily boarding fee.
Jog Time $5 (15 minutes/day)
Exercise time on our dog trotter. Dogs are always supervised and given a low fat biscuit when they are done. Good exercise, good for conditioning.
Medications $1 per dose
For medications provided by owner.
Treats $1 each
Peanut butter or cheese filled Kong treats
Bath & Blow Dry inquire at check-in

a view of our kennels

our outdoor exercise area


Please complete these forms
for boarding your pet/s:

Client Information &
Pet Info: Dog Cat Other

If your dog will be in Day Care
in addition to daily boarding, please
also complete a Day Care form.

You may bring in your completed forms
or fax to: 575-523-8636

Mesilla Valley Pet Resort is happy to offer boarding for your birds! Our bird room is bright and colorful with its own climate controls to keep your bird healthy and happy. We have a full kitchen to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cooking facilities for our fussiest of feathered friends. The staff at Mesilla Valley Pet Resort are bird fanciers and will play with your birds if they are hand tamed. There are climbing trees to explore and so much more!

Small Cages $11.50/day
Medium Cages $12.50/day
Large Cages $16.50/day

Second cat is half price

All Cats & Kittens $23.50/day
Additional cat/kitten
in the same condo

At Mesilla Valley Pet Resort we take great care to provide a safe, quiet, sunny room for your favorite feline. The cat room is a separate room away from the dog kennel. It is run under its own heating and cooling system. Multiple cat households can be boarded together in the same cat condo, please ask for these special rates. At your request your cat can be out for individual playtime to explore our play area especially designed to entertain and exercise your cat while it is on vacation with us. There are beautiful deep set windows where your cat can choose to sit and bird watch, or just watch the world go by.

We offer a fully equipped kitchen to provide your finicky feline a nutritious hot meal if necessary.
There will be lots of lovin' and attention administered at no charge!

Medications $1 per dose
For medications provided by owner.
Nail Trimming $8

Is your pet an Iguana or a rabbit? Know that you can go on vacation and your best buddy will be well taken care of. Snakes, skinks, monitors, rats, ferrets, you name it, we like it! Our employees are very familiar with all kinds of exotic creatures.

Small Cages $9.50/day
Medium Cages $12.50/day
Large Cages $15.50/day

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