Boarding Day Care Training
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Small Dogs $10
Medium Dogs $12
Large Dogs $14

Elevated tub, we provide the hot water, shampoo & conditioner, towels, blow dryer and grooming tools. You just bring the dog! We do all the cleaning up too!

Bathing of Kennel dogs before going home from boarding - includes: pre-brush, conditioning shampoo, ear cleaning, moisturizing conditioner, nail trim, anal gland expression. Specialty cuts & services may be an additional cost
.Small Dog
..up to 25 lbs.
.Medium Dog
..26-60 lbs.
.Large Dog
..61-120 lbs.
.X-Large Dog
..126 lbs &  up
an extra charge may be applied for matted, or heavily coated dogs which require more time for pre-brushing.
Full time groomer on staff
Inquire for grooming by breed/coat type

Our training room can be rented for birthday parties, club meetings, club parties, seminars, training matches, etc.

15 minutes $9
1/2 hour $15
1 hour $25
2 hours $45
3 hours $60
4 hours $75

Available in our facility:


.CUPIT'S CARVED CERAMICS - A new way to remember your beloved pet

You can now remember your beloved pet in the best way possible. If you have your pet's ashes or not, what better way to remember them by than an actual relief carved, hand-painted vase or urn. All it takes is your choice of all the pictures you have of your pet and it is beautifully reproduced to permanently honor your pet's memory.

The size and shape is determined by you. The photograph of your choice is copied onto the surface of the greenware (unfired) vase. I will then relief carve the photo into the surface of the vase. At this point, the vase is fired into bisque. The vase is taken into the paint studio and using acrylic paints, the pet's image is painted the way you remember them. Urns are fired twice in order to obtain a glaze finish on the inside.

Pricing is based at $8.00 per inch of the vase or urn height. A 6" vase would be $48, 8" vase would be $64, 10" vase would be $80 and so on. If vase is to be used as an urn then add $10.00 for glaze and second firing.

I have a large selection of sizes and shapes for you to choose from. You hae the choice of background color. I will be most happy to work with you to make this remembrance of your beloved pet a cherished part of your memories, not just setting on a closet shelf in your home. Call 323-8853 for details.


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