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The training staff at Mesilla Valley Pet Resort, LLC want you and your dog to be comfortable. Our classes are held in a climate controlled building. There is also an outdoor exercise area available for your dog. All classes are eight weeks in duration.

Classes meet once a week for one hour at a time. You will be given homework each week covering the material learned in class. You will need to do the homework with your dog for at least thirty minutes each day if you have a puppy, and forty five minutes each day if you are at the beginning level. If you need to miss a class, we will be happy to meet with you to get you and your dog caught up.

Current shot records for your pet are required at the time of registration. All puppies are required to have a minimum of two parvo shots before attending class.

At Mesilla Valley Pet Resort, LLC we believe that dog training should be fun and exciting for both you and your dog. Let us help you understand your dog, and make it a better canine citizen and loving companion for you.

Graduates get a diploma and grad pack full of goodies for their dog.


Where we teach
how to make your dog
a loving companion!

4 Sessions Per Year
Please Call for Start Dates

All sessions are eight weeks in duration
No classes during
November or December

Obedience Class Fees
First time students: $95.00
Returning students: $85.00

Agility Class Fees
First time students: $105.00
Returning students: $95.00

Class Schedule

Puppy Manners 6:30 pm
Beginning Obedience 6:30 or 7:45 pm

Rally Obedience 7:45 pm

Advanced Obedience 6:30 pm
Open Obedience 7:45 pm

Beginning Agility 8:30 am
Intermediate Agility 10:00 am
Advanced Agility 11:30 am

4-week class with an AKC evaluator certifying the graduates.  Cost is $45.00. Starting dates
and availability for this class vary
with each class session.
Please call for further details.


For dogs 8 weeks to 6 months old. Socializing for the young dog is stressed in this class. You will learn to train your dog to do the following:
-- Heel correctly on a leash for walks.
-- Make left, right and about turns while heeling.
-- Sit automatically when you stop heeling.
-- Sit stay at a distance of 6 ft. from you, for one minute.
-- Down stay at the distance of 6 ft. for two minutes.
-- Come to and sit in front of you when called.
General canine health care is also covered. The puppies are encouraged to learn how to relate to other strange dogs and people. Included in class discussions will be jumping up, digging, chewing, and housebreaking.

For dogs 6 months of age or older. We will teach you how to train your dog to do the following:
-- Heel properly on a leash.
-- Make right, left and about turns while heeling.
-- Sit automatically when you stop moving.
-- Come to you when called from a distance.
-- Do a sit stay at 15 ft. away for one minute.
-- Do a down stay at 15 ft. away for three minutes.
-- Begin training for off leash work.
Each week a different topic of basic dog health will be covered. If you progress to a Beginning Class from Puppy Manners, you will have some repetition in your training. However, since your dog is older, we do expect them to have more precision in their ability to learn an exercise. Also covered are the creative things your dog started as a puppy and you thought were cute -- jumping on people, unwanted barking, and digging to China! Come to class with problems to solve!

Let's have fun! This is the class where your dog and you learn to handle obstacles such as the weave poles, chute, open tunnel, multiple jumps, dog walk, and of course the A-frame! Your dog should have on a buckle collar, and you should wear shoes that you can run in! It is suggested that you and your dog have completed a Beginning Obedience course before tackling Agility.  

For dogs which have successfully completed a Beginning Obedience Class. The exercises will build from the Beginning Class exercises, and there will be new exercises taught as well. You and your dog will learn Attention Training, Heeling on lead with greater precision, Begin Off Lead work, Sit Stay at 30 ft. off lead for two minutes, Down Stay at 30 ft. off lead for three minutes, Come when called at 30 ft. off lead, Stand for Exam, Figure Eights, and The Finish Exercise.
Dogs are encouraged to interact freely off lead to help develop polite social skills. This class is the first stepping stone to competitive obedience showing.

Rally Obedience is a fun new competitive style of obedience offered by the American Kennel Club. The dog and handler must follow a course of signs which have different obedience objectives on them. The handler is encouraged to talk to the dog and have fun! After completing a Beginning Rally Obedience class, you will be ready to compete! The Advanced Rally Obedience Class teaches you the more difficult obedience objectives to help you move up to the higher level competition classes.




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